Thank you for your interest in our company and our coffee. Coffee, hot, cold, shaken or blended are at the core of what Jet Java Company is all about. The coffee we serve is the center of our culture, our business and our success.

We believe in something bigger than just customer service. We believe in the value of caring for each of our customers and each community on Whidbey Island that we sell coffee in. For us, it is about making connections with our customers in ways that are genuine, real and keeping them as lifetime customers and friends. It’s personal one cup, one human being at a time. That is our belief and why we are here.

At Jet Java we believe that developing relationships with our customer is not only the right thing to do for the business, but it also creates a bond between our barista’s, our coffees and our communities that support us.  We believe this so strongly that we made it our company mission statement. “Fun, friendly, fast specialty coffee experiences that enrich people daily lives.”